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Gerri Belanger

My name is Gerri. I am sober today by the grace of God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was raised in a Christian home, went to church on Sundays and said grace before meals. At twelve, I prayed “the sinner’s prayer” and was baptized at eighteen. I thought this was what it meant to be a Christian, but I spent the next 22 years chasing something to fill the hole in my soul. When I got married at 21, my life consisted of working during the week, partying on the weekends and taking classes, but never feeling good about myself.

One night, after putting my kids to bed, I picked up a drink for the first time. After a few years I was drinking around the clock and sneaking around trying to hide it, all the while trying to live a picture-perfect life. Eventually I couldn’t lie anymore and told my husband.

I was in and out of AA for a year, taking my family on a roller-coaster ride of hope, then despair. I went for treatment but wasn’t getting sober. While in my third treatment centre I hit a bottom that was as deep as anyone would think they could go and my husband asked me not to return, in order to protect him and our children. I thought I had lost everything and cried out to God for help, and He answered!

When I arrived at my last treatment centre I should not have been allowed in since I was intoxicated, but they welcomed me. After my release I was homeless, but at an AA meeting I met a care worker from a women’s recovery home. This would be a safe place for me to live while I started over. Miraculously, they had room for me. I applied for a sales job at a store and was offered a management position instead. After two years of sobriety, the God of my childhood came rushing back and real change occurred.

Now God is using my life for His glory as I work for an inner-city mission, knowing I could have been one of the people I see on a daily basis if it weren’t for His grace, redeeming love and forgiveness. The words to Mary’s song have significant meaning for me, especially Luke 1:49, “… for the Mighty One is holy and he has done great things for me. Holy is His name.”


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